Whole Dried Blueberries

                  “We provide nature Dried Blueberries which are all planted in the lands of zero pollution and rich in various minerals growing area in Canada…”                                                          Unique Packaging Design in North America:                   All products are  Semi-Auto packed  in snack-oriented Craft Paper Pouch,            which has environment-friendly design and nature looking. Complete different  from vulgar glamorous products in market. 50 gram per serving  is suitable for individual instant consumption without any excessive to waste .                     Products packaging  information:                     One pouch contains  Net.Weight  50 g  of Dried Blueberries                     One case contains 100 pouches  (packed in 10 plastic bags )                     The craft paper pouch size: 4″ x 6.5″ inch                     Shipping case  ( capacity of 100 pouches)size : 7″ x 20″ x 15″ inch                     Gross weight of full packed case  : 6.4 kg each case                     Minimum order volume is required                     The price is subject to be Ex-factory in Richmond BC of...

Mini Baguette

Now offering our Gluten Free Baked Products, the Mini Baguette.

Dinner Rolls

Now offering our Gluten Free Baked Dinner Rolls.

Burger Buns

Now offering our Gluten Free Baked Burger Buns.